Европски развојни план Музичке школе ,,Стеван Христић“

Music School “Stevan Hristić” –  European Development Plan 

Strategic goals of the development plan of Music School “Stevan Hristić” are defined on the basis of self-evaluation  of the quality of work and the survey by the employees; feedback from  students and parents. Realization of development goals will enable development of European dimension of education in our school.  

The first development goal is  the development of European dimension of the school  : 

-development of international cooperation, maintain and improve collaboration and partnership with schools from different EU countries,  

-development mobility experience , providing opportunities for teaching and other  staff to mobility  in different EU countries, 

-participation of our school and its staff in international projects, as well as networking with teachers and schools all around Europe.   

The second development goal is improvement of management, leadership and entrepreneurship in our school according to European standards : 

– participation in training courses that deal with these topics so that participants understand key elements  and principles,acquire concrete working methods  and integrate in our school and apply in the classroom. 

The third development goal is modernization of educational approach : 

-improvement  of quality of teaching and learning process, 

-educating teachers  about new learning and teaching methods, 

–  applying new methods  of teaching and learning  and use  of modern technology, 

– development competences of teachers for  life long learning. 

MISSION: Our school strives to encourage students  to acquire knowledge and skills  with consideration to specific educational needs and individual differences. We incite and cherish human values and prepare students  for further education and life. We try to change educational approaches. We are following innovations in teaching and learning process . We try to establish  quality education and create conditions for development  of  students competences. 

VISION: We want to become a modern school adapted to individual educational needs and students interests; a school which incites development of functional knowledge by applying integrative and interactive teaching together with effective learning methods; a school which cherishes multiculturalism and tolerance; a school which incites international cooperation and mobility of teachers and students and successfully conforms to the demands of modern society. 

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